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Our Approach

Individualized treatment is more than a concept. It is the best practice approach for treating any person suffering from any illness. The path to wellness begins with the clinical relationship where a comprehensive history is taken. Whether treating a substance use disorder, a personality disorder, bipolar disorder, clinical depression, generalized anxiety disorder or any of the many diagnosable illnesses, the relationship begins to form when an individual makes the choice to contact a provider. Once this first and courageous step is taken, then it is the duty of the clinician and every staff member to insure that the individual is provided an environment where he or she feels safe and comfortable. This creates a foundation of trust and allows an ongoing, collaborative relationship to evolve. The client and the treatment team can begin to foster this relationship by providing an environment that allows trust to develop. It is through this non-judgmental alliance that we can begin to explore what kinds of interventions, assessments, and treatment milieus best fit the needs of that person. Prior to the development of this relationship, there is no basis for "individualized" treatment. 


There can be many reasons that people might fail in their attempts at wellness. One example is that the treatment team might overlook the needs of the client because they are focused on treatment milieus that they specialize in, versus determining what works best for that client. Mental illness is complicated, hence, the treatment of mental illness, which includes substance use disorders, can be complex. 


Our facility provides a variety of medical and clinical services. We promote physical exercise, and offer experiential groups designed to develop trust and deepen insight,. When appropriate we provide family therapy, offer vocational counseling, teach anxiety reduction techniques, provide medication management, and assess in life skills development. All of our services are offered after appropriate assessments are administered and specific needs are determined. Our approach is fluid.


Telehealth services. We have the capacity to offer tele-health services for families not in the state of Florida. This innovative approach offers the opportunity for a strong continuum of care for those who may have a permanent home outside of our area. Telehealth expands the opportunity for family involvement, which increases the possibility for a client to get and stay well. We are licensed for Telehealth services in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Kentucky.  Regardless of what services we provide, the most important factor is the assessment and, continued assessment, as the client moves through treatment.


We are dedicated to a person-centered, strength-based approach that utilizes best practice methodologies to treat mental illnesses. We respect our clients and know that they are the best historians of their lives. They offer the greatest insight into their needs, yet they may need guidance in finding ways to center themselves and get their lives into balance. We foster the development of self-worth that leads to one living up to ones potential.

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